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Ready to start your beard care journey?

Our beard oil sample kit is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to bring luxury and class to their mane!

This kit headlines our classic starter scents that brought our company to life only 6 months ago, with a special added discount for your next purchase with us!

Scented Sample Kit


What is in our carrier oil blend?

Argan Oil - rich in Vitamin E & fatty acids, reduces signs of aging, contains antioxidants
Ricebran Oil - high in antioxidants, has Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory
Camellia Seed Oil - lightweight, non-greasy, contains oleic acid to help enhance skin elasticity, rich in Vitamin E & A, Magnesium and Zinc
Meadowfoam Seed Oil - helps lock in moisture, has a unique composition that resembles our natural sebum (great for nourishing and protecting the skin), rich in Vitamin E, & Omega-9 fatty acids
Squalane - helps improve skin hydration, protects against environmental damage, anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic

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Whether you are just starting your beard journey, or your mane is years in the making, we pride ourselves on becoming a part of everyone's daily routine! We love beards of any size and shape.



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