Our Story

The faces behind TopHat Beard Co


Hey there! We are James and Amanda from southern Ontario in Canada. We are both self-employed, with James being in construction for over 20+ years, and Amanda being an RMT for 6+ years. Although we love our careers, we have been craving something different lately. We have many passions in life, including our dogs, family/friends, camping (the outdoors in general), sports, and of course, our newer passion of beard/skin care. 

James has been growing his beard on and off for years, but within the last 5 years has gotten serious about it. Having tried many different brands, nothing ever quite stuck out as his favourite. He grew his longest beard for our wedding back in 2021, and although it was great, he wasn't able to tame it as well as he was hoping, so he cut it back mid 2022. Since then it has been a rollercoaster, but finally mid 2023 he started growing it out again so we could play around with our products to give us some insight. 

A lot of long nights after our regular jobs has given us the quick turn around of putting our company together, and sourcing out the best products to use. We strive to provide the highest level of quality, as we want your beards to achieve top tier beard status. We also have been having family and friends test out the Unscented versions so we have real-life, honest research, and thankfully we've had a fantastic success rate. 

Even though we've only been established since May of 2023 (told you we're new!), we have been playing around with our products non-stop for months and finally have been able to come up with some amazing blends. We wanted to create a brand in hopes to give all of those with beards a sense of elevated style.

We hope to give your beards the life of luxury they deserve, and can't wait to see what else we can come up with to keep it going. Thanks for coming along on the ride! Cheers