Daily Beard Routine and Why It Is Important

Daily Beard Routine and Why It Is Important

Welcome back to our blog. First off we would like to apologize for the hiatus, as December was a very busy month for us, meaning we fell behind on blog posts. So we apologize for that. 


Lets get into this weeks blog, what does a daily beard routine look like and why it is important. 

First off, daily washing. Washing your beard and the skin is an important daily step. A mild, pH balanced beard shampoo is key for day to day maintenance. Hair shampoo and bar shampoo’s are much to abrasive to use daily but should be used once or twice a week at most to really strip all the oils and grime. 

Next up is beard oil. After washing, getting oil back into the skin and hair is key. A good quality beard oil is most recommended over an oil full of silicones and filler. There are MANY good companies around to choose from and not one is better than the other. Each has its own benefit in some way or another. The oil is key in rehydrating the skin and adding moisture in to the hair shaft. It is probably the MOST IMPORTANT part of daily beard maintenance. If you do only one thing daily, applying oil should be it.

Lastly is a personal preference and what you wish to get out of day to day grooming. Beard balm and beard butter do the same to coat the beard hair and help lock in moisture. Beard balm, however, is a styling ingredient where beard butter is more of a leave in conditioner. Both have their specific uses but it really depends on your daily need. 

A daily beard routine will help keep your beard soft, manageable and hydrated. Your skin will be kept soft and itch free combating the dreaded beard itch and beard dandruff. A daily beard routine may seem daunting at first but after a few days a havit is easily formed and the difference in your beard will keep you on track. 

 Hopefully this blog will help you get into a great beard routine, or it may inspire you to start your beard journey. Either way, we here at TopHat Beard Co wish you nothing but the best in your journey and we hope you reach out with any questions. 


- James

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