Why start a Canadian Beard Company?

Why start a Canadian Beard Company?

I haven’t had many people ask me why I want to start a new beard company in Canada, but before you ask, why not introduce ourselves a little, and how we got started?

As my wife and I were out for a walk one day, trying to find more ways of making money to help ease the inflation in the country, I blurted out “I am going to start a beard company.” It took a mere fraction of a second for Amanda to say, “I will support anything you want to try.”  What at the time seemed a silly joke, quickly became the focus of my evenings on how to get started. Lo and behold, TopHat Beard Co. was on its way.

I did some digging and browsing on the internet and came across a You Tuber, Dan C Bearded, some of you may know. I sent him a quick message on Instagram and expected nothing of it, until 15 minutes later I got a reply. My initial question asking Dan the feasibility of a beard company was met with his enthusiasm, “100% YES.” As soon as Dan realized I was in Canada he added, “More so if you live in Canada, it’s an untapped resource.” Needless to say, we have now had many video consultations helping and guiding me in the directions I need to establish this newfound dream.

Canada is lacking in its portfolio of companies and products it offers, we don’t have the education and promotion as our big southern neighbour.  We are here to do our best to change that and give our bearded brothers local products they can be proud of and support. It will take time but we are dedicated to the people, in it for the long haul they say. Our beard oil is made using natural ingredients, sourced from the best places we can find.  We currently carry 4 scents, 1 unscented and an unscented balm and butter. 

All in all, this has been an enjoyable and exciting new chapter in our lives. These last few months have opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes of companies worldwide. Logistics, manufacturing, outsourcing, social media, and all the other moving parts that an owner must deal with and figure out on a daily basis. I am proud to have taken this step, do something outside of my comfort zone, and push myself to try things I had only dreamed of. Don’t be afraid to take that leap, follow your dreams, even if it doesn’t work and you have to stop pursuing it, At least you can say you tried.

- James

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